Adventure Is Out There

Adventures in Chicago!

Actually, we started out our vacation in Indiana. We stayed in a small town called Valpariso, near lake Michigan and the National Lake Shore. 

I must say that I was dissatisfied with the Indiana side of Lake Michigan. I may be biased, but I wholeheartedly believe that the Michigan side is better. For those of you who have never seen Lake Michigan from the good side (Michigan’s-obviously) I have a few suggestions for your travelling destinations: Sleeping Bear Dunes (Personal Favorite), Traverse City, and South Haven.

The Indiana Side did not have a very impressive state park, although I admit, we may have gotten slightly turned around and I don’t know if we actually saw the whole thing. The water is not nearly as clean, and neither are the dunes as big as on Michigan’s side. That is not to say that it was not beautiful; it is still a Great Lake and that alone makes it breathtaking, but I still prefer Michigan’s side of Lake Michigan. So if you have never been to any of the Great Lakes, I urge you- GO!

I have a definitive ranking of the Lakes in their order of Greatness, according to me:

1. Lake Michigan

2. Huron/Superior (They are tied)

3. Erie

4. Ontario

What is a travel post without giving readers food-envy? Whilst in downtown Valpariso, we visited a restaurant called Valley. It had the most adorable country-chic theme. My family and I believe in trying out all the food a restaurant has to offer, especially if it unique. So when our waiter suggested we get their special Skewered Thai Steak appetizer, we jumped at the opportunity. It was some of the most tender, delicious beef I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, with a creamy, yet spicy sauce that is making my mouth water just thinking about it. 

I don’t even remember what my meal was called because it was so good. I had a sort of ravioli spinach with tomato sauce and mushrooms, accompanied by a delicious (and huge) cup of tomato basil soup. We followed it up by going to a gourmet cupcake shop down the road, where I got a white chocolate mousse cupcake that was bigger than a softball. 

Needless to say, dinner was the highlight of my stay in Indiana. And I wholeheartedly believe that if you do not gain 12 pounds while on vacation, you are doing it wrong. 

I intend to gain more than just pounds while I am away. 


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